About Us


With our Stock Market 101 course, you will learn all of the basics regarding Stocks. With proven methods you too can start to make extra income from trading! The lectures will be focused on two types of trading which are Fundamental and Technical trading. Fundamental trading is based on news for that specific company, Earnings Reports and other releases. Technical trading is based on graphs which could be long or short term move. 


After providing every student with the information on how to trade and read graphs, we expect each individual to put in the work on their own time as well. If you do not work hard enough, you will not be able to succeed. This course will give you all of the tools you need to succeed however the application of these tools is completely depending on how much effort you put in. This is the game where hard workers win and the losers are the lazy ones. In the course we will be be trading with  paper money, to learn from your mistakes without losing any of your hard earned money.


After determination and practice, you will be ready to start making money and using the strategies that were taught to you in class. Don't be discouraged if it takes longer for you than others, just be consistent with your plan. We will be right by your side even after the classes and will be happy to help at anytime!


How to get started on Crypto Currency?

We have seen a tremendous increase for Cryptocurrencies over the last few years but 2017 was amazing. According to coinbase.com, there are over 1300 Cryptos and our team will show you which ones are good to start with and of course taking your budget into consideration. This will be included into the next class that we will be holding. 

How to find the next runner?

This section all depends on the research you do and how long you are willing to keep the coins for. Some people, back in January 2017 said that bitcoin was going to stop growing but that was not true. The big question is if you are going to take the risk and invest now. This will all be explained in the class. 

Is Crypto Currency good for the long run?

This is one of the most frequently asked question regarding these currencies. Research done by our students and professors show that Crypto is great for short term profit and can be a good long term investment if it stabilizes.